Lightning And Switching Surge Protector

Lightning and Switching Protection Device

Approx Price: Rs 3,600 / Piece 

Surge Protection devices is the combination of Class B (10/350us) and class C ( 8/20 us ) lightning and switching surge, used at the equipotential connection of LPZ 0 and LPZ 2 zone.

Lightning Surge Arrester

Approx Price: Rs 14,000 / Piece 

We are leader in earthing and lightning technologies. We manufactures, supplies and installs the Lightning Rods, lightning arresters and the lightning protection system enabling safety and protection to your electrical & electronic products while lowering the risk of getting affected from lightning strikes. These are made from best quality raw materials to provide you the best services by safeguarding you from accidents. We have been offering high end Lightning SPD complying IEC 61643-1 providing a high level of protection against the lightning impulse.



Telephonic Surge Protection Devices

Approx Price: Rs 2,300 / Piece 

Telephonic protection is an advanced range of surge protection devices that is easy to install. This disassembly and screw-free protection equipment is sure to offer protection to core surge suppressed elements from low limiting voltage and high discharge current. It can be easily used to provide protection to telecom MDF system, telephone switchboard system and so on.

Technical Details



Working voltage Uc


Max continuous operating voltage Uc


Nominal discharge current In


Max discharge current Imax


Voltage protection level Up

L-PE =250V

Transmission rate Vs


Response time tA


Interface mode



in parallel

Protection lines

10 pairs

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  • Low signal amplitude.
  • High transmission frequency.
  • SPD is suitable for such as modem, DDN, fax and telephone, which protects the electric network not shocked by the lightning or surge over voltage.
  • Weak anti- jamming ability and easily to be damaged by over voltage shocked by thunder and surge.

- Telephone centers / exchange

- Telecommunication Towers

- Modem, DDN, FAX

- Computer and Data Processing Centers

BNC Surge Arrester

Approx Price: Rs 2,800 / Piece 
BDL/BNC connector series of coaxial signal Surge Protection Device are designed to guard computer network system that includes the monitoring system of security system, coaxial signal transmission, close -circuit TV, satellite communication system and so on. These are also known as Coaxial surge protectors. This range is developed as per the characteristics of the signal transmission systems that may include low signal amplitude, weak anti- jamming capability, high transmission frequency, and easily to be injured by over voltage shocked due to thunder and surge. This gamut of protection device has a number of coaxial interface like BNC, F, and N.

Technical Details





Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage Uc(V~)



Nominal Discharge Current In(8/µ20µs)kA


Ethernet Surge Protecting Device

Approx Price: Rs 4,500 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Piece
BDL-RJ45 signal Surge Protective Devices are especially utilized for a variety of computer networks like token-ring network, Ethernet network (LAN), POE (Power over Ethernet) and various lightning-proof areas. Its input as well as output connector is designed using RJ45 female connector that can be easily linked and installed. Ethernet Surge Protection Device is widely used in server equipments, router, working stations (intranet), HUB and board band. This protection device is developed for protecting equipments that are prone to damage by the line inductance or over voltage of the earth.

Transient Voltage Suppressor

Approx Price: Rs 3,600 / Piece 
Power surges, very short spikes in voltage, fluctuate in magnitude and period to thousand volts. Class C Surge Arrester or switching surge arresters are accurately designed electric equipment used to provide protection to the Electrical as well as Electronic instruments from any kind of power surges. RDSO comply Type 2 surge arrester creates a link between the conductor of electrical equipment and the ground that stops the transient over voltages on equipment. Switching surge arrester is the best way to keep every kind of voltage surges away from low-voltage switching to make sure the complete protection of secondary panel. Our Class C Surge arrestor are RDSO Comply - RDSO/SPN/144/2004 or latest and RDSO/SPN/156/2012 version

Surge Protection Solution For LED Street Lighting System

Approx Price: Rs 300 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Piece

LED Surge Protectors

We are offering a superior quality, highly reliable LED Surge Protection Devices to safeguard your expensive outdoor LED lighting against above mentioned damaging surges/ transients. This highly advance technology based protection device is crafted to ensure the best protection shield and improving the expectancy life of outdoors LED lighting. Our LED surge protector is providing an extra guarantee to the end user in terms of reliability and durability.



- This solution is suitable for all network configurations and all voltages (including IT systems).

- LED surge protector reduces the maintenance cost.

- It ensures continuity of service.

- It extends the life of the lights.

- A compact solution which fits any luminaire. Surge protection for LED lights s very simple to install.


Technical Specifications


- Maximum continuous operating voltage (Uc) is 275V.

- Nominal Voltage (UN) is 230V

- Max. Discharge Surge Current (IMAX) is 10kA (8/20 µs).

- Nominal discharge surge current (IN) is 5kA (8/20 µs).

- Protection level (UP) is 1 kV

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